Krista Renee Jex, Founder/CEO

Krista Jex is a driven and goal oriented entrepreneur that takes business seriously. Krista Jex is a wife of eight years, and a mother of two boys, Nikai, age 12, and Eian, age 10. Krista obtained a Bachelor’s degree of Science in Psychology in 2012, and a Master’s degree in Health Care Administration with a concentration in Education in 2015. Ms. Jex has worked with youth, and in the field of education for 8+ years. Krista started off as a mentor with the young and troubled youth of America. Continuing with mentorship; Krista was then hired with Orange County Public Schools as an after school program director. In November of 2011, Krista became a Certified Cognitive Brain Trainer and began contracting part-time with Learning RX located in Sanford, FL. Once Krista’s Bachelor’s degree program was completed in 2012, the following school year Krista became a guidance counselor for a private school located in Zellwood, FL, counseling middle and high school students. Currently, Krista is in her second year working as a second grade teacher in Orange County, FL.

Krista has always had a passion for people, but a deeper passion for children. It brings her such bliss to see growth and prosperity within others. It was this aspiration that has given Krista the desire to be of service to others and to provide a school that each child can call their safe haven. Every opportunity Krista has been given has geared her for her masterpiece, Scholar’s Prep Academy.

Krista has a testimony that exemplifies the power of God. As a teenager, Krista went through many rebellious stages. Krista did not always make the right decision, which caused her to go to four different high schools in one year, and enter adulthood prematurely. Krista had no intention of going to college. After having her first child at age eighteen and her father cutting her off financially at age nineteen, Krista had to make a decision to become financially equipped, and that is when God took over and lead her in the direction she needed to go. Krista always knew God favored her life, and that is why she knew that she could overcome any obstacle. Krista believes that you must fall, but never stay down. Krista’s trials and tribulations turned her into a strong woman that believes that knowledge and experience is the key to success. Krista states “Scholar’s Prep Academy is the fruit of my labor and I look forward to the impact I’ll bring to the community.”

Message from my heart…

As I get on board with this new journey in my life, I have to give God all of the Glory. It is through Christ that I have been able to make my dreams my reality. I am extremely grateful for every individual that believed in my passion and believed in me. I especially want to thank my husband, children, family, and friends for all of their spiritual, mental, and physical support. I am a strong believer in foundation, and my ultimate goal is to be a part of the ever-changing challenges that life offers and providing services that can help touch and change a life. Dedicated to the cause. Devoted to God. Determined through execution.

In His Name,

Krista Renee Jex