3rd Grade Supply List

10- Pack of (wide rule) loose leaf paper

2- Reams of copy paper

5- Pack of #2 pencils (not the fancy/decorated type)

1- Pack of Black/Blue Dry Erasable pens

1- Pack of Crayola®

1– Manual pencil sharpeners sharpener (with the cap cover)

1- Pack of cap eraser

1- Pencil Box

1- Pack highlighters

8- Three prong folder (with pockets)

5- Spiral notebook wide-ruled (1 subject)

8- Plastic dividers (with tabs)

1- three-ring binder

1- Pack of construction paper

1- Pair of scissors (round tip)

2 – Bottle of Hand Sanitizer (please check expiration date)

1- Pack of hand wipes

4- Boxes of facial tissue

2- Pack of Expo dry-erase markers (wide-tip)

2- Pack of index cards (with lines)

1- Index card box (with dividers)

1- Ruler (inch/centimeters)

1- Lysol/anti-bacterial/disinfectant spray

1- Box of binder clips (medium)

2- Boxes of Ziploc bags (one snack size and sandwich size)

1- Bible

1- Merriam-Webster dictionary